User agreement

1. Purchase Conditions

1.1 In addition to the conditions writtend here, purchases made from PÄRLIPESA OÜ are regulated also by legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. Our selection and prices can vary without notice.

1.2 Amount of goods available for purchase is shown with a time lag, and may differ from the actual stock situation.

1.3 The transaction is considered concluded (effective) at the moment when the agreed advance payment has been received by PÄRLIPESA OÜ or in the office at the checkout.

1.4 Ordered goods are booked automatically.

1.5 Disputes between the buyer and Pärlipesa OÜ about orders and purchases are solved by negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the parties will contact the Consumer Protection Board or the Tallinn city court. Solving the disagreements between the parties abide by the laws of the Republic of Estonia in force.

2. Ordering 

2.1 Select the product from the e-shop you want to buy. All the products selected are automatically added to the shopping cart.

2.2 By opening a shopping cart, you have the opportunity to adjust the quantity of products and remove products from the basket.

2.3 Once you have entered all the items in your cart, click CHECKOUT.

2.4 All the boxes marked with * (asterisk) must be filled.

3. Prices and payment 

3.1 All of our ( e-shop) prices are in Euros and include VAT.

3.2 After the desired product has been added to shopping cart you can choose the appropriate payment method.

3.3 You can pay for the products:

1) ESTO banklinks (Swedbank, LHV, SEB, Luminor, Coop, Citadele ja Revolut).

2) When picking up the goods (choose pay in cash and pay the invoice at PÄRLIPESA OÜ shop at Narva mnt. 13, Tallinn).

3) Mastercard- and Visa credit cards.

4) Paying the invoice we have sent you by e-mail.

4. Delivery and transport

4.1 Goods will be posted no later than two working days after the payment has been received (during promotional campaigns the time of posting your order can be within 3-4 business days).

4.2 When you have selected “Local pickup” as your preferred way of transportation, you can pick up your order at Narva mnt. 13 every week day on 10-18 or on saturdays 11-15.

4.3 To pick up the order from the store, please take with you the order / invoice that was sent to your e-mail or order / invoice number.

4.4 Other Methods work in accordance with the conditions of the company providing the service and their price list.

4.5 The products will not be sent outside the Republic of Estonia , for specifying the information write

5. Cancellation and refund of the product

5.1. You have the right to cancel your order after the payment has been made but the product has not yet been delivered by sending an e-mail to PÄRLIPESA OÜ shop e-mail: with the information containing order number and your bank information or by calling PÄRLIPESA OÜ phone +372 5553 4915.

5.2. After receiving the products, you have 14 days to examine the products. If your bought product for whatever reason do not fit, you have the opportunity to return the product within 15 days or be replaced by other products, by sending an e-mail , PÄRLIPESA OÜ e-mail address.

5.3  According to Section 5.2, order amount will be paid to your bank account within 30 days from the date of withdrawal reached us, provided that you have returned the goods within the same period.

5.4. The returned product must be complete (including all objects contained in the container, etc.).

5.5. PÄRLIPESA OÜ e-shop has the right to ask up to 10EUR for the return of the product for the cost of transport from the customer.

5.6. If the returned product (product and packaging) is deteriorated, and the deterioration is caused by circumstances which are not caused by PÄRLIPESA OÜ; and not the result of inappropriate use, PÄRLIPESA OÜ has the right to offset the loss of value of your product from the recoverable amount. The offsetting will be sent to you by e-mail. In case you do not agree with the settlement of the loss of value indicated in the message, you have the right to involve a independent expert. Expert-related costs are divided in half between you and PÄRLIPESA OÜ, unless one of the parties proves to be manifestly unfounded. In this case, the expert costs associated with the party whose position was manifestly unfounded.

6. Warranty and return of non-conforming products

6.1. PÄRLIPESA OÜ is responsible for non-conformity and defects which occur within 2 years of delivery of products to you.

6.2. PÄRLIPESA OÜ is not responsible:

1) Product deterioration / damage caused by you.

2) Deficiencies that have arisen as a result of the use of the product irregularly.

3) Normal physical wear and tear of normal use.

6.3. When discovering a non-conformity or defect, you are entitled to demand replacement of the product according to the requirements and defects of the product or to withdraw from the order and return the defective product at PÄRLIPESA OÜ expense.

6.4. When returning a non-conforming product, the amount paid (including delivery cost) will be transferred to your bank account within 30 days after receipt of the cancellation and product return notification.

6.5. In addition to the warranty rights, you also have other legal rights.

7. Liability and force majeure 

7.1. PÄRLIPESA OÜ is responsible to you and you are responsible to PÄRLIPESA in violation of the conditions and damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.

7.2. PÄRLIPESA OÜ shall not be liable to you for damages caused on product delivery delay, cases where damage or delay is due to the fact that PÄRLIPESA OÜ could not influence, and with the arrival PÄRLIPESA OÜ did not foresee and could not foresee (force majeure).

8. Privacy

8.1 Buying from our e-store is secure, your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, they are only used to fulfill orders and order-related issues.

8.2 All PÄRLIPESA OÜ e-store visits and purchases in the course of receiving the customer’s personal data will be treated as confidential information. Encrypted data channel (SSL) is used to ensure that the banks make use of personal data and bank details secure. Also PÄRLIPESA OÜ lacks access to them.

8.3 The following personal data can be collected through registration, using various forms and/or purchasing products from e-shop :

  • Your user name
  • Your password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Organisation name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address

8.4 For Credit Card payments, you will be directed to credit card center to perform a secure transaction.

8.5 While visiting our website, your personal data about the use of the page and pages visited can be stored. The collected data can include technical information about your device and internet connection (ie the operating system in use, browser version, IP address, cookies and unique IDs).

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We cannot access or control the cookies placed on our website by third parties – the usage of these cookies comes under the installers privacy policy. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the privacy policies of all third parties.

On this website we use the following cookies that store user data:

  • User language preferences
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We will not use your data in any other way than specified in this document. If the Terms and Services change we will let you know and ask again for your consent.

If you have accepted the terms of our privacy policy, but would like to withdraw the consent, please send us an email at with your identification number. Your unique ID is 47pcagJIoBNxDEsZ7LzOaxCdC

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